Who Am I?

I am a Teaching Fellow in the Division of Cybersecurity at Abertay University's School of Design and Informatics. My teaching is predominantly encompassing ethical hacking of networked infrastructure and web applications. My research interests focus on Internet-wide Scanning, bug bounties and cybersecurity pedagogy. My research aims to discover the impact and implications of publicly accessible systems, support the evolution of crowdsourcing in vulnerability disclosure, and the development of new teaching techniques applicable to the highly sophisticated domain of cybersecurity. Outwith Abertay University, I am currently a moderator of the Cyber Scotland Connect group.


Currently interested and conducting research in the following areas.

Internet-wide Scanning

The discovery of an abundance of vulnerable heterogenous devices has increased since the resources required to scanning the Internet became more modest, along with the rise of tools like Shodan and Censys. What impact does discovery have?

Bug Bounties

An excellent procedure for sizable organisations with a mature security posture or cybersecurity's gig economy exploiting high skilled workers?

Cybersecurity Pedagogy

In a perpetually innovating, evolving and maturing discipline, the foundational education is paramount.


Jamie O'Hare
BSides London 2019
Jamie O'Hare, Rich Macfarlane, Owen Lo
IEEE 12th International Conference on Global Security, Safety and Sustainability (ICGS3), 2019
Randomised Containers for the Individualisation of Cybersecurity Education
Jamie O'Hare, Rich Macfarlane, Bill Buchanan
Postgraduate Dissertation, 2019
Scout: A Contactless 'Active' Reconnaissance Known Vulnerability Assessment Tool
Jamie O'Hare, Rich Macfarlane, Bill Buchanan
Undergraduate Dissertation, 2018